What is Spinal Touch?


Spinal Touch is a gentle treatment that rebalances the body at the centre of gravity.  The centre of gravity of the body is located anteriorly between the 5th lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum.  If the body is out of balance at the centre of gravity then it could cause may unwanted muscular skeletal conditions such as back and shoulder pain as well as problems with the nervous system, headaches, impinged nerves, numbness....


Spinal touch treatment can help aid recovery from accidents, injuries or traumas as often these traumas have  physically shifted the body out of balance - and these imbalances need to be corrected.


Other conditions that Spinal Touch can help include


ankylosing spondylitis



back pain

balance problems

digestive problems


frozen shoulder



jaw problems

joint pain



low energy and fatigue

mentrual problems


multiple sclerosis


neck pain

pins and needles

problems during and after pregnancy

recurrent infections

repetitive strain injury



sinus problems

sports injuries

tennis elbow


visual disturbances

whiplash injury


The  diagram below shows the negative effect that poor posture can have on the body.  The muscles have come under strain trying to hold the body upright - if these postures aren't corrected then problems can occur in the nervous system, spine, shoulders, hips, knees and corresponding muscles.



Spinal touch can help to correct these postures and their negative effect on the musclar skeletal system and nervous system.


                  Common Posture Types and effects

Image description

See how the body becomes imbalanced....

This is the ideal position of the spine - the spine is like a shock absorber for the body helping us to stand upright and bear the weight of our muscles and tissues under the natural forces of gravity.


Image description