Bridget Atkins  5 star (from my facebook page backinbalancepilates)

Fab instructor and class, always a joy working with a true professional and expert in her area.


Katherine Barlow  5 star (from my facebook page backinbalancepilates) 

Annabel is a fantastic instructor, who provides expert, tailored classes. She keeps up to date with modern techniques and training and has a really broad knowledge of not only pilates, but also other related fields, allowing her to provide a holistic approach. I have not only benefited from Back in Balance Pilates, but also from the Spinal Touch therapy that Annabel offers. Using a combination of these has finally enabled me to manage my long-term lower back pain to a degree that I can return to a much more normal level of physical activity and reduced daily discomfort. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Back in Balance Pilates to people and often do!

Nicola Thomas5 star (from my facebook page backinbalancepilates)   
Tailored care across a range of studio equipment and mat work. Great range and expertise and always adaptable to support your current needs. I've been having weekly pilates sessions with Annabel for 3 years and she has steadily progressed me through from beginner to advanced levels and continues to challenge me. Friendly and skilful te


Dr Anne Roberts OBE."I started Pilates with Annabel following chemotherapy and surgery for breast cancer. I needed to start exercising but was a bit apprehensive and uncertain how to begin and what would be OK. Annabel gave me an expert 1:1 assessment before I attended a weekly session with a friend also recovering from surgery. Annabel has great experience in tailoring Pilates exercise to meet individual needs and keeps an expert eye on progress. I felt she used her expert knowledge to improve my strength, mobility and confidence. I eventually joined a regular small group of 3 people and each of us progressed under Annabel’s watchful eye. I would strongly recommend these pilates classes to anyone who wants expert tailored exercise geared to your ability and limitations."


Jill Green, Silver Medalalist British Orienteering National Champion, Exeter  "In January 2008  I was keen to improve my performance as an orienteer my personal fitness trainer recommended that I should attend Pilates sessions as this would improve my strength and suppleness. I started introductory sessions with Annabel and have continued to combine Pilates sessions with running and interval training, graduating more recently to the intermediate level in Pilates.  During this time I have been impressed by Annabel’s depth of knowledge and her thorough and systematic approach. She demonstrates every move clearly and always explains the purpose of the exercises. She takes into consideration any back problems and graduates the exercises so I feel safe and confident that I won’t be pushed too far. We have a good laugh together so the sessions are fun as well as challenging.  


Working with Annabel has really improved my strength and agility and this has been a major contribution to my recent improvement in performance in orienteering. I was particularly pleased to gain a silver medal in the recent British Orienteering National Championships."


Sally Hedge, recruitment manager Exeter  "Having worked with Annabel in 2006 prior to my first pregnancy I was keen to engage her assistance after Louis was born on the 8th November 2007.  I was keen to use Pilates to rediscover some shape and pelvic floor capacity! I was lucky enough to be able to have Annabel's undivided attention in her own home, and following an initial 121 Postnatal Pilates course, went on to utilise her Pilates reformer in my programme, finishing off with a Spinal Touch session.  I would highly recommend Annabel's skills to any new mother. Annabel has a keen interest in postpartum healing and is both motivational and enthusiastic whilst having a sympathetic understanding of the constrains of parenting.  Annabel was so flexible, my baby used to attend the lessons with me and spent many hours happily listening to calming music whilst his Mother did some work!  I attribute Annabel's skills to being able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes much faster than I would have left to my own devices!"

Shirley Kelly, Sweetbrier Lane, Exeter "I’d been seeing a chiropractor for 6 months with back problems. Although there was some improvement I still had restricted movement with a lot of stiffness which seemed to be getting worse rather than better.  It was also costing me a lot of money to continue with the treatment.

A few people had suggested Pilates exercises so I did a search online, and as a result I found Annabel’s website with information not only about Pilates but Spinal Touch treatment as well. I had a 121 Pilates session with Annabel but she suggested that because I was still suffering daily with my back that I may benefit from having a course of Spinal Touch treatments prior to undertaking regular Pilates classes.

After my very first Spinal Touch treatment I noticed that the stiffness had eased, and I felt so much better. The good thing about it is that you may only need up to four treatments to correct your posture and get the muscles working properly. Annabel could relate to what I’d been through because she had had a similar experience with back problems.

I will definitely be joining one of Annabel’s Pilates classes now I’ve completed the Spinal Touch treatment.

Annabel put me at my ease with her very pleasant manner, and I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering with any form of back problem."

Lizzie Hyde, Insurance broker, Exeter  "I started in a small class with only 3 people in September 2010 and am still going to classes with Annabel to date.  Annabel not only gets to know you as a person, she also knows exactly what is right for your body. Annabel will ensure I am only doing the correct level of each exercise that is right for my ability, I never feel rushed or that I should be moving on to the next level to keep up with the others in the class. I feel confident that I am doing only what is right for my back and not pushing things too far too soon."

"The exercises are always clearly demonstrated, I know exactly what I am meant to do, what the exercise should feel like and what it will achieve. Annabel always talks you through each exercise too as you are doing it to ensure you are maintaining the correct posture and breathing properly."

"I booked some Spinal Touch sessions in May 2011 to further improve my lower back pain and increase my mobility. I was surprised on my first session that Annabel only booked me in for a total of 4 sessions, confident that that was all I would need, I have found that the pain is so much more manageable and my flexibility is improving. I may have the occasional top up treatment to keep things in check."

"If anyone is looking for a fun but professionally-run and beneficial Pilates class or wonders if Spinal Touch will really help, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Annabel, she is an absolute star!"

Michelle, 23, Exeter  "I was recommended Spinal Touch by my mother who attends Annabel’s Pilates classes. When I first met Annabel in 2008 I was very unwell and bedridden with ME/CFS and had been for 3 months or so. I had tried lots of therapies to try and help and had seen many specialists under the NHS but nothing was working. My family and I were starting to lose faith that I would ever get better and this was a hard time for as all. I was a little apprehensive about the treatment but Annabel took time to sit with me and explain everything I wanted to know. She also took a great interested in my illness and listened to how I was feeling.  Annabel travelled to my house every week and considering how anxious I was at that time managed to put me at ease and I started to look forward to our sessions. The treatment itself was very gentle and enjoyable. Although it was gentle I could tell it was working as the next day I would feel a bit achy and tried, but nothing that was uncomfortable. A few days after a treatment I would feel better and better. I felt stronger and after a few treatments more balanced, I had less pain in my joints and more energy. I would say Spinal Touch was what helped me recover from my ME/CFS and speeded up my recovery no end. I am now recovered but at times still live with symptoms of ME/CFS and I have recently been feeling unwell and am going to return to have some more Spinal Touch as it helped me so much the first time. I would also not hesitate to recommend it to others as it really does work. "